This is to honor Wife...Q....who has turned our marriage around with the use of Loving honor Her...the Women who embrace their Dominant honor Her...the Women who have helped to guide their partners to be better honor Her...the Women who provide the professional services of Female Domination in all it's forms...a service for those unlucky enough to have a Dominant Lady as a positive influence in their daily honor Her...those Women who have shaped our lives and fueled our fantasies and exposed our needs...the Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, our Mothers and Aunts and Babysitters, the Police officers and Female bosses, the religious authority figures, and those girls back in school who walked by us so hot and so aloof....then matured into the Women who tease and deny us today!....And even those Femme Fatale celebrities that seem to ooze Dominant sexuality....Through photos, and art, and words....This is to honor Her.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"I gotta get to work...Make sure all the laundry gets done before I get home!...And don't forget to vacuum the floors and clean the toilets as well...I want you to remain naked all a reminder of who's in charge around this house!...And keep your hands off this thing too...I'll know by looking in your eyes if you disobeyed Me today and played with yourself...Unless you want that painful cage locked back'll keep your hands off My cock!...Have a nice day babe!!!"



Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Fun and demanding at the same time...I love it!

BOB said...

I love that he is naked and she is dressed as a businesswoman. It really emphasises his role as the househusband and her role as the dominant member of the household

Anonymous said...

wish there was a tumblr category with more of this

Anonymous said...

My wife does the same thing with keeping me naked and giving me a list of chores to do while she is out. The only difference is that she turns me over her knee for a spanking before leaving. This one day she told me to make sure I put the trash out by noon. I checked and the coast was clear, then the phone rang and it was her checking up on me, I told her I was just heading out to put the trash out when she called. After I hung up with her I emptied all of the wastebaskets into the kitchen trash can and went out the back door to the trash can on the side of the garage. Just as I turned to head back in Joyce our 65 year old retired (Army Officer) neighbor called out in disbelieve . I turned to run and stubbed my toe on a rock, but before I could get completely up she was standing over me (she is 6'1" 220 lbs. and very strong). She picked me up and turned me around to march me back into my house when she looked down and noticed my pink hiney. Who's been spanking you? No one it just looks like that, it must be from my fall. In the shape of a handprint? Did your wife do that? Does she wear the pants in your family? Does she keep you naked in the house?
I don't think she'll mind, and with that she dragged me out to our pool and sat down on our picnic table bench and turned me over her knee and started to spank. I started begging and pleading for her to stop and let me up. Shortly after she stopped. What do I feel between my legs? With that she flipped me over only to say my, my, my what do we have here? It seems someone has been enjoying his little outing by the pool with someone who is almost old enough to be his mommy. Almost, then she reached for some sun tan lotion and started giving me a handjob as she reached down to bite and suck on my nipples until I lost control. The then told me to cool off and clean up as she picked me up and threw me into the pool. When I came up she was gone. markiee

Anonymous said...

I would put my balls in her hands too !!!

bossymsbecky said...

yep, excellent picture: love and a clear hierarchy!

Anonymous said...

Since my husband lost his job he has become the househusband and I go to work each day. He does the cleaning, cooking, and laudry. At the end of the day he submits to my needs and he has told me many times that he truly enjoys his life. I continue to introduce new things into his life that will excite him. I have introduce him to wearing panties and strapon fun. Not that he needs it but I am starting him on chastity wearing and soon he will enjoy leather wear and riding crops.

Vince Stead said...

I just got done reading your article, and really enjoyed it, thank you. You can see some fun books at where you can also hear the girls read the stories for the same price as a paperback book, but they are reading exotic sexy stories that will get you going!

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if it is really humiliating for a man (the inferior gender) to wear pink panties and other clothing associated with the superior Female gender. Is it not presumptuous for a mere male to try to look like The Boss?
Perhaps plain nakedness (CFNM), perhaps with a collar or, if necessary, a cock-cage, is all that the subservient male should be allowed.
Aside from the social and psychological effects, it toughens him up. Cold showers, perhaps administered by Her Ladyship with the backyard garden hose, will help this effort. Taking the garbage out bare-butt in the wintertime is the ultimate proof (Well, if there's a public/police/prudery problem, some "exterior clothing" may be necessary, but unprotected bare skin inside is a good rule, especially if She needs to use a riding crop or switch fairly often for training purposes.

Sincerest greetings to you both, and a cyberkiss to the boots of Mistress Q, The Queen,


Anonymous said...

I keep my husband shaved, in panties and in a dress or skirt. I spank him when I want. My mother knows this since she came in one day unexpectedly. She told me inward being too easy and pull his panties down. Boy was he embarrassed.

One evening we were in her home. He had not been feeling to good and she noticed. She told him to take off his pants and lean over a chair. He did thinking a spanking was coming and it's not as bad if he doesn't object. My eyes opened wide. As she came in she said spread your legs which he obediently did. She was carrying an enema bag. She put the lubricated nozzle in him and he yelled. I had never done that and got excited watching. He went to the bathroom and came back with his hands in front of him like a little kid

She told him bend over again so she could clean the soap out. When she came back she had me practice inserting and removing the nozzle a few times. He kept saying please no. My panties were very wet. Then I gave him the enema playing with the nozzle as I did.

Now I give him monthly enemas. If he objects I say I'll get mom. He agrees at once.

mk said...

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