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Sunday, December 11, 2011

About Last Night

I put our son to bed, and went into our bedroom. Behind closed doors I got naked, put on a matching black bra and pantie set, stockings and come fuck me heels, and then put on my make-up extra heavy and slutty! If you had read my earlier post, "k On Assignment" (if not, please click here) you'd know that tonight his assignment is due. And one way or the other, k was going to get caned! And as soon as I had finished my primping, I called him upstairs. The time had come for him to submit for my approval,  the images of "me" that he was to have searched for on the web.

He handed over the flash drive with the saved images, and I had him strip, then bend over while I worked a well lubed butt-plug into his ass! Then onto his knees to hold my ashtray, and wait as I popped the drive into my laptop. To say I was shocked and disappointed is an understatement! k had only found fourteen photos to submit! Fourteen!!! I had thirty-something in mind! Certainly no less than twenty! When I expressed my disappointment in quantity, k looked scared as he claimed "that's all I could find that truly represented how beautiful and special you really are!" (My husband does have a way with words. He's quite the sweet talker!) 

I took my time reviewing the images, playing out the time k spent at my feet. Anxiety written all over his poor face! They really were quite good! I was, and am still very impressed with the quality of what he managed to find! I only rejected three! And as disappointed as I was in the low number of strokes from the cane I would be delivering, a deal is a deal, and I had him crawl to fetch the long cane.

I had k bend over the foot of the bed and grab a handful of the covers, and then delivered three, full swing stripes to his backside, one for each rejected photo! And then a thought occurred to me, (imagine that!) while looking at my husbands fine ass. I strutted around to the side of the bed and lit a cigarette. "Look at me" I ordered. I dragged on my smoke like a hot little bitch, and told him that I had been expecting no less than twenty photos, and that since he only found fourteen, I was about to make up the difference on his bare bottom, and I didn't want to hear one word of protest! And to my pleasure, (and his!!! Don't let him fool you!) I delivered another six stinging blows to k's exposed rear end!

Now, not only did I promise him a caning, I promised him a very special Sunday as well, and I had invited Jill, our good friend, (my girlfriend!) over to help do just that. But! My monthly visitor arrived yesterday afternoon, you know, red riding hood, and this was going to put a HUGE damper on my plans! I had to call up Jill and tell her of our unexpected guest. Sweet girl that she is, she let it be known that we would just have to switch gears a little, but we could still make it a hot and "special" afternoon for k! Like I said, a deals a deal! So, she'll be here any minute, and I'm sitting at the breakfast nook watching my husband happily prepare a cheese plate to go along with the wine he's picked out for us. Jill and I can nibble away while we come up with some ideas for k! We already agreed on one thing. And that would be considered "special" by any man's standard! But I want to have a little fun with Jill as well as make things just a little bit challenging for my man! So, I think Jill and I will put our heads, (and hands!) together for a little creative input! I'll get k to tell you about the rest of the afternoon. That is whenever he manages to get around to it!




Robert_Anthony said...

Hurry up k!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Q- Thank you for this post... whoa!
I really would believe k... I'd be VERY scared of picking a pic You didn't like ...then there would really be hell to pay (not just a caning).
Well, you've made a couple of us happy, because I'm about to cum to your little story. Thx again!