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Monday, November 5, 2012

Keep Swallowing Bitch! You're Spilling It Everywhere!

I did a whole lot of pissing onto k's face and in 
his mouth yesterday and early this morning.

I'm about to do it again tonight after 
he's served me a couple more glasses of wine! 

I don't piss on k or have him drink my urine as punishment.
It's usually a fun and pleasurable experience for both of us!
A powerful, symbolic act of my dominance and
his submission.

Which is exactly why I made him drink my piss three times yesterday.
And shortly, he will drink my nectar for the second time today
as I make him lay down in the shower room and piss
right into his open mouth!

I have been very strict with the punishments and discipline
this weekend.
But I have forced him to drink from my pussy way more than he's use to,
for the express purpose of driving home the fact that what I say goes!
And that he will do exactly as I command!
No matter how unpleasant for him it may be!

And as much fun as I'm having with all this bathroom play,
I can tell you k's over being pissed on for the moment!

I don't care how into golden showers you may be,
having to drink three long, full pisses yesterday,
and two more today goes past any kinky pleasure he may have experienced
and becomes a full on test of his devotion to me!

The upside is,
pissing on my husband makes me sooooo fucking horny!

Guess which lucky little slave boy will be
using the Hitachi Magic Wand on his Queen tonight?

That is, after he's had a nice long drink!