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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Have Never Allowed k In My Backdoor

Except for his talented tongue!

But there have been a few lovers I've cuckolded him with,
that I've enjoyed having anal sex with!
Partly because I wanted to please them.
Partly because I get off on it every once in a while.
And partly to give k the knowledge that there is a part of his wife
that he will never have. But a part that is freely given to others!




Robert_Anthony said...

Interesting, that must really burn... knowing that. Fuck! Kinda lucky you didn't let him BEFORE you started your FLR don't you think?

Q said...

It's funny Robert. I had let a boyfriend back in college, (he was a gorgeous black guy!) take me back there. I learned to like it cause he did.

But for some reason, possibly to keep some semblance of being a "lady" for k, (not that I was ever a prude with our sex life) I held back on even letting him slide a finger up there! It only served to make him desire it that much more.

And now it's such a lovely tool to frustrate and humiliate him with. And I get to enjoy the dirty deed when I feel like being a nasty little slut!

Yes my dear Robert, I'd say it was a stroke of luck!

MyKey said...

Wow he's never yet even had a finger there?? I'm not sure I could cope in reality but it's hot!

Think you ever will let him fuck you in the future?