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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Need Or Want? Who Cares! Just Give Me Some Strange!


To say I'm in the mood for some extra-marital dick is an understatement!
Damn! I've got to get a hold of my construction worker boyfriend
up here in the mountains before we head back south! 

Momma needs her pussy pounded like somebody's mad at it!





Scott said...

Absolutely love the site, sounds like Y/you two have a wonderful dynamic. I am curious how to apply to be one of the other boys, lol, kidding. Thanks for the great work.

Q said...

Sorry Scott! But I don't fuck people from online. You are of course welcome to jerk off while dreaming of being beneath me! That is unless the woman in your life has forbidden you to masturbate without her permission!

May be you should show this site to her! Give her some ideas!

Scott said...

Understand. Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying. Was hoping the confidence to ask would get me a few pts. Lol.

Q said...

Oh you get lots of points Scotty! I like a man with the balls to reach for the impossible! LOL!!!

Scott said...

Lol, you are cruel, but I kind of like it! So just because a man is online you assume he can't be good looking and capable of pleasing huh? I don't generally give up easy... just as fair warning Q!

Q said...

Scott, I'm not casting aspersions on your appearance or your love making prowess. But one would assume that most men lingering on this site to be submissive.

a.) I have no need or desire for another submissive in my life.

b.) I choose not to make personal contact with people online.

This is just the way it is!

I'm thrilled that you find me and my particular styles of sexuality exciting. But please just enjoy the fantasy. And thrill to the tid-bits of me and my husband's real life escapades! That is ALL this site is for!

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