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Monday, September 17, 2012

I Thought You Said You Cleaned These Floors!

I've actually done this to k, three times!
Pissed all in the kitchen or bathroom floor that he just mopped.
Then scolded him for leaving such a filthy mess!

Of course I then require him to lick, and slurp up every drop!
After cleaning my pussy first of course.

One time in the kitchen, as he was head down and ass up,
re-cleaning the floor, I took a wooden spoon to his balls.
All the while cussing him for leaving my kitchen in such a mess!
I had only pissed on him at that point in our relationship.
And other than cleaning my pussy after a good long pee,
this marked the first time he actually had to drink my piss.

I've brought him so much farther along since then!!!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mistress Q,
You both are so lucky to have each other! My wife would probably never touch me again if I asked her to piss on me! I have to hide my hardons from her whenever she comes into the bathroom to piss while I'm in there.
Last year when she asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told her I would love it if she put on her sexiest lingerie and gave me a birthday spanking. (We're both 25) She looked horrified at first. Then nervously laughed and said, "Yeah right! Good one!"