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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What A Week! What A Night! What An Afternoon It May Be!!!

(Q and Jill-twins, well sort of!)

Well, we just returned from dropping Jill off at the airport.
It's been a great week in so many ways. We three had a great visit! Catching up on
each others lives, showing off our mountain home, all the great sex in so many different varieties!!!

Ladies, it's amazing how many orgasms a girl can have. Even when your man's dick is locked away inside a chastity cage! Just climb on and grind away! And it drives him crazy 
with need as well. And it certainly doesn't hurt to have a gorgeous woman in bed with the both of you at the same time!!!

Poor k didn't get any of this kind of action. He usually does when
the three of us get together! And plenty of it too!
(Though he did empty his balls all on the sheets from us butt-fucking him!!!) 
Poor Jill too. She so loves to play with k's cock when we're all together!
Jill thinks like me. Pussy is great! But it's always better
when there's a hard cock to play with at the same time! And she did her
best to convince me to unlock k's pee-pee! (Her best is fucking awesome!)
But I stuck by my guns. I said four weeks. And four weeks it shall be!
Rules are rules in this house!

But, Jill and I did get some cock action. At least I did anyway!!!

Last night, Jill strapped on my big black cock. (She didn't use her new white one, because
she said she wanted to see my sweet pussy stuffed with black dick! I said me too!!! lol)
And we took some rope and tied k tightly to a chair in the corner of the bedroom after I 
shoved a fat butt-plug up his still sore ass, stuffed some panties in his mouth, and then she
proceeded to give me my first ever fucking from a strapon!

She took it easy on me at first. That cock I use to fuck k with is pretty fucking big!

But after we got going, she gave me on helluva screwing! Though I could only take about three quarters of that thick,black foot long! Funny how I can make k take
it all isn't it!!!

It felt wonderful having Jill fuck me like a man! Spreading my legs wide.
Pinching and pulling on my hard nipples while thrusting into me over and over!
I know I achieved at least three orgasms. Maybe more! And we were both sweaty and 
delirious, gasping for air by the time I was literally begging her for a break! 
And poor k was was sweating in his chair too!
His neglected cock was swollen as much as it could in it's little plastic tube!
He had this pleading, defeated look in his eyes! Today my pussy is deliciously sore from Jill's attentions! I think I might need k to gently kiss it, and make it all better later today!

Right now he's preparing us a brunch. He just brought me a wonderful, spicy Bloody Mary!
And I have a devious plan for him after we eat.
I'm going to "make" him cruise the porn sites on my laptop
and save any and all the photos he thinks I would like to post myself in the future.
Of course, this will be a little tormenting on him, what with the way his dick is locked away
and he can't touch it while looking at all those hot images!
Plus I'm thinking of stuffing that plug back in his bottom while he does this for me!
I want to keep him good and sore a little while longer!
After all, Jill and I left his backside a little bruised up from the repeated spankings
he got this week! Some "earned", and most just because we were getting off on it!
So maybe I should hold off on any spankings for a few more days.

And he may very well find some photos that he'd like to post this afternoon, and that's okay too.
But he'd better come up with a substantial amount just for me while he's at it! 
No duplicates of any I already have saved!
And I'd better be pleased with the majority of them too! Or his bruised bottom be damned!!!




Robert_Anthony said...

k takes a foot long dildo in his ass? Wow!!!

k said...

Yeah's hurts's pretty damn thick too! But it always starts feeling good once Q gets it in...

We used a 10 incher all this time...up until a few months back...Q decided i was getting to use to it...She said i remained quite a bit more submissive after a good fucking if it left me sore after She was done!

But getting fucked repeatedly by both Girls this week...And Q sticking that plug in my ass last night and sphincter literally aches no matter what i'm doing...i know it will pass in a day or two if She decides to give me a rest soon!!!

Hombre Misterioso said...

nice photos

Anonymous said...

what video is the gifs from?