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Thursday, June 28, 2012

k's Blue Balls

k is suffering so admirably. Between the teasing and denial he is enduring from Jill and myself, to having to serve us both orally, wait on us hand and foot, (literally) and when I allow, watch as Jill and I screw each other's brains out, all the while locked away inside his little chastity cage, he is walking around with a constant case of blue balls! And he is leaking like a faucet!

Jill and I went shopping today. We drove quite far to find a fetish gear store! (there are none in the nearest little country town!) I talked her in to getting more involved with humiliating k. Not just watching me fuck him like a little slut! So Jill is now the proud owner of a harness and an eleven inch, thick and veiny white cock! I am thinking, that before we are through tag teaming on k's man pussy tonight, those balls will empty themselves of all that built up come from all the friction his prostate will be getting from our huge cocks!!!

And I can't wait to laugh at his predicament, as his body responds to getting dicked up the ass like a trashy little whore! And then having to clean his "wet spot" with his tongue! Shit! I just may put him in stockings and panties for a while too! Give Jill a good laugh while I'm at it!!!




Robert_Anthony said...

Wow, sounds like 'k' is really 'suffering'!

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend allows me to cum any time I want. Always the same way... her strapon in my ass. At first I was reluctant. Now I can't wait for my next session.