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Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Too Late To Change Your Mind




jellybean said...

She is soooo pretty, why change your mind?????

k said...

i'm more than sure my Wife is implying...that the Hotwife in the photo is about to join Her lover in bed...and it's too late for the husband to change his mind about wanting to watch his Wife fucking other men!

Bi male cockold said...

Its never to late. Think about it, he says he walked in & found them in bed. Shocked & stunned, he takes a baseball bat bust the lover in the head, bam he's out! He doesn't hit him hard enough to kill him just enough he losses his faculties. Hard enough that the sob won't go sneaking around screwing women that aren't his wife! No court in the land gonna convict him of anything! He laughs as the lover lays there passed out. His wife, the women that doesn't have enough respect for herself to get a divorce before screwing around, suits shocked & scared. Havering found the true wrote of her actions, she gets up screaming how sorry she is, runs screaming from the bedroom, out of the house into the yard & down the street but naked. The husband having CHANGED his mind, handles the situation, sits back on HIS bed laughs loudly, just before tossing the lover down the stairs & calling the police to report an intruder in his house. Atleast the story has a happy ending. As the wife is reunited with the lover, because she's arrested for running down the street nude, & hes arrested for being an intruder. The husband does the honorable thing, by teaching the wife/lover a lesson they'll never forget! Calls his attorney files for divorce, gets everything because the wife was cheating! There, he changed his mind, & his wifes mind all at once! See HAPPY ENDING! The End!

mk said...

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