This is to honor Wife...Q....who has turned our marriage around with the use of Loving honor Her...the Women who embrace their Dominant honor Her...the Women who have helped to guide their partners to be better honor Her...the Women who provide the professional services of Female Domination in all it's forms...a service for those unlucky enough to have a Dominant Lady as a positive influence in their daily honor Her...those Women who have shaped our lives and fueled our fantasies and exposed our needs...the Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, our Mothers and Aunts and Babysitters, the Police officers and Female bosses, the religious authority figures, and those girls back in school who walked by us so hot and so aloof....then matured into the Women who tease and deny us today!....And even those Femme Fatale celebrities that seem to ooze Dominant sexuality....Through photos, and art, and words....This is to honor Her.

Monday, December 5, 2011


"Baby you're so funny...standing there all hard and dripping, with that sad little puppy dog face!...How many days has it been now....16?...17?...Not even three weeks yet!...And I thought we agreed on a month!...(laughing!!!) It must be hell having to watch Me play with My sweet little pussy, while you're not even allowed to touch your cock!...Oooooh God it's getting soooo wet too!...I'm really horny too! could end this right now if you could crawl up here between My legs, and slide that big hard dick inside me right could take back your will and have your way with little ol' Me all afternoon and I won't do anything to stop you....(more laughing!!!)...But I know you won' want to be controlled don't you! love feeling frustrated and submissive to need need it from Me...And I like keeping you wanting Me!....Mmmmmm...get My ashtray baby...and bring Me My vibrator!....I'm gonna make myself cum again!...Looking at your hard dick is really doin' it for Me!!!"


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