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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's About Time I Got Around To Doing This!


I suppose one could say that my posting on this blog is long over due. But I never really intended to contribute to the content, just sort of, over see and monitor what my husband was putting out there. Our blogs after all, use to be his blogs! I had encouraged him to create them as another outlet for his artistic leanings and creative writing. But as time went along, and k posted some images that I have saved from letting my fingers do the walking through the vast amounts of erotic content found on the internet, I began to play with the idea of posting myself. I first got use to the idea by commenting on k's posts, and on other like minded blogs such as our kindred spirit Robert over at - Robert Anthony's Chastity and Femdom , and Ms Vanessa Chaland's site found here - . But procrastination on my part, (k finds himself punished for such offenses) and a very busy schedule as a wife, a mother, and a business partner, leaves time for little else except some precious downtime for yours truly! But, today, here I am!

Sunday, as k has written many times over, is our day for unrestricted loving and play. My parents usually take our son for the day, and that enables lots of hours devoted to naked frolicking about the house! Today is no different! I have had k locked in his chastity cage for almost a month. If you read his account from earlier this week, he really got on my nerves by asking for his penis to be set free over and over again. This is not the norm with him, and I decided that corrective measures needed to be taken and soundly blistered his backside until I was convinced that the message had gotten across, that I will entertain some begging and pleading, but when I say "enough", mister you'd better listen! I also threatened to extend the length of time that he would be required to remain locked inside his cage. But, I make it a personal policy, not to restrict access to his cock as a punishment! Nor do I deny his orgasms, or access to my body as a consequence to any of his short comings or my ill moods. Putting my husband in chastity, controlling his orgasms, or allowing him as much pleasure as he can humanly stand is all based on what I want to do for fun! There are many, many other ways to correct his behavior than to take something I use as a tool for fun and domination, and turn it into something that will be mentally viewed by him as a negative aspect to his surrender to me! Not that that would be a concern to most Dommes, but it is to me!

So today, I unlocked and freed his dick for playtime! I showered with him this morning and personally shaved around his cock and balls where his pubic hair had begun to grow back while the device was in place! I then took him into the bedroom, and had him bend over, and grab his ankles  while I gave  that sexy ass of his a dozen or so strokes from the strap. Just to send him on his way to the zone! I now have him secured standing up, his arms up, and out stretched, tied by rope to the two posts on the foot of our bed. I've been applying, and then removing clothespins, to and from his nipples, balls and oh-so sensitive "pee-pee", alternating placements and intensities, and to let the blood flow back into those poor, poor tortured little areas! You should see the look on k's face when I remove the clamps from his nipples, and then pinch, twist, nibble, and pull on his flattened little nubs until they return to their original, though much redder state! Priceless!!!

As I'm writing this on the laptop, I've pulled up a chair to within reach of his body with the cane. Every now and again, I reach out and give his penis a little "whack" with the implement! Having removed the last of the clothespins in this manner, he now achieves a hardon every time I tap his helpless member! He's dripping  pre-cum quite impressively now I must say! But don't feel to badly for him! He doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to treat my man to one of my most sensual, slow and loving blowjobs that he hasn't had in over a month! I plan on making it last as long as I can, considering nothing has touched his dick before today for such an extended period of time. The danger in edging a man after having been denied for so long, is that if you take him there, and bring him back too many times, he tends to lose the ability to maintain a full erection after a while. And this afternoon, I want k swollen, and hard as a rock! By the time he  cums, I want him to feel every contraction along every inch of his cock as his balls shoot all that pent up juice into my hot little mouth! I want there to be plenty of it too. Cause after all that work, I want some for myself, before I kiss it all back into k's mouth! Wow! Just writing this has gotten me all wet! Yummy!

Before I go, I want to share some of the hot photos I've stored away. These combined with some of the flattering "Q-twins" that k has kept and asked me to approve, will add up to several posts from me in the future. But I won't be adding any captions as my husband does. I want the images to speak subtly to you from me, straight to your own personal interpretations. I want to tweak whats between your ears, as well as whats between your legs! So if some of the photos don't seem to be femdom oriented, consider the source, me! Take your time. Savor the flavor! And let your mind imagine how these photos must have stimulated the interest of a horny, controlling, dominant woman such as myself! Sooooo, have fun, you've got my permission to rub one out! I'm off to make sure my husband has his fun now! 


(Q and Jill twin) I lied about the no caption thing! Just wait, there'll be one more!

(Q and Dominick twins)
Right, I took another liberty with the captions. What are you gonna do, spank me? I think not!
Anyway, this is a fine photo of what my new boyfriends cock looks like! He truly has one handsome tool!
His cock is not as long as the one I strap on and fuck k with, but it's a thick, and heavy handful like the
one this lucky girl's enjoying! Lucky me too!




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Robert_Anthony said...

See how can anyone read this and not see that this is a loving relationship? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Q, it is much appreciated. And despite your kind offer to 'rub one out', I'd better not or I will get into a lot of trouble, hahahaha. Nice pics though, and sounds like you two are having a ball.