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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do You Think You Could?

Try to imagine yourself a submissive like k.
Serving a very strict and dominant lady such as myself.
Would you be willing, even if not in the mood,
to follow your wife or girlfriend into the bathroom before bed
most nights, and wait on your knees behind or in front of her?
Wait and wonder if you will be asked to drink right from the source?
Or will she just require you to clean her precious pussy with your tongue?
Remember, your mood matters not to your Queen!
Could you? Would you be as obedient and dutiful as k?

It's not always as pleasant and erotic as it may sound.
At least sometimes it isn't for him!




Anonymous said...

If you love your wife you will do anything she wants because she knows what's best for you. If my wife wants me to drink her pee or clean her after she pees then you do it knowing it pleases her. If your wife wants you to clean her after her lover cums in her you do it because you love her. My wife sometimes make me suck her lover and make me swallow his cum. I do it because it pleases her.


Robert_Anthony said...

I'd love to think that I could, but honestly, 24/7 no matter what, I have my doubts...

Anonymous said...

yes i could and not just before bed anytime she wanted to be served in that way it would be my honor and previlegde to serve her

andrew said...

Female pee is not poisonous to the submissive male! He always CAN drink it, therefore he always should. My beautiful Wife's pee is strongest and bitterest first thing in the morning, whereas her asshole is at its sweatiest and grubbiest last thing at night.