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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"You boys behave while We'reout!"

To ensure that Their husbands stayed out of mischief...Kelly and Anita trussed up the boys good and tight before hitting the club for Ladies Night! 


Q said...

I'm sitting at my desk. My hand is under my skirt, and I'm rubbing my pussy through my panties! This picture is so fucking hot babe! I'm really getting off on using the ropes on you baby! I love seeing you so helpless, so vulnerable! I love the marks they leave on your skin when I release you! And if only I had a girlfriend with a submissive husband of her own! Too much! Double the fun! Can you imagine the both of you naked at our beck and call! This photo is really doing it for me baby!

BOB said...

More and more women are going out on "Girls Nights Out" while thier husbands stay home and do housework.more and more when i stop by a male friends house, i find them doing housework while thier wives are out with friends

On at least three diferent occasions ive stopped by friend's houses to find them doing housework while thier wives were out on Bacholerette parties visiting a club featuring male strippers. Plus i know many husbands whose wives went on these types of bachelorette parties while forbiding thier husbands to have a bachelor party[or at least forbiding the husband from going to see female strippers]