This is to honor Wife...Q....who has turned our marriage around with the use of Loving honor Her...the Women who embrace their Dominant honor Her...the Women who have helped to guide their partners to be better honor Her...the Women who provide the professional services of Female Domination in all it's forms...a service for those unlucky enough to have a Dominant Lady as a positive influence in their daily honor Her...those Women who have shaped our lives and fueled our fantasies and exposed our needs...the Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, our Mothers and Aunts and Babysitters, the Police officers and Female bosses, the religious authority figures, and those girls back in school who walked by us so hot and so aloof....then matured into the Women who tease and deny us today!....And even those Femme Fatale celebrities that seem to ooze Dominant sexuality....Through photos, and art, and words....This is to honor Her.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


"Not only was he insecure about his really wasn't all that small...but he kept asking about the size of other men I've slept with...and once we got started, he came about thirty seconds after putting it in Me!!! But wait, it gets even weirder...after he came...he pulls out and starts going down on Me....No shit!....he starts sucking his cum right out of Me...mumbling and whining the whole time about how he deserves to be spanked for having such a tiny dick and cumming so soon....No I'm not kidding!....he kept licking and sucking on My pussy....making all kinds of wet, sloppy just let him get Me off a couple of times....then told him to get the fuck out!"


Anonymous said...

Yes babe, indeed we do talk!

BOB said...

I love your posts featuring "girl talk".Many times ive been to wine bars and overheard women that are out on a "girls night out" brag to thier girlfriends about how their husband does all of the housework.Usually at leaast one or two of the other women say that thier husband is the same.Once i heard one woman express surprise at the fact that all of her friends had thier husbands do the housework.she asked advice on how to get her husband to be the same way.Unfortuantly Happy Hour started and the bar got loud.So i couldnt overhear anymore of the conversation.But i did see the one woman smiling very broadly.So she seemed to be enjoying whatever advice her friends were offering her.

I think the ultimate in Female Supremacy is when a wife and her girlfreinds engage in "girl talk" as her husband serves them drinks and food without having his presence ackowledged.