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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Very Best Way To Keep Him Humbled Ladies!

Plus it's just so much damn fun!

I gave k a long, slow ass fuck earlier today.
Then about an hour ago, I took him again. Only this time
he got a good hard fucking until we were both slick with sweat!

After we caught our breath, I stroked and sucked him just 
because I was in the mood!
k can never achieve a full erection after anal play.
But he can still reach an orgasm fairly easy after all that prostate contact.
So I can have loads of fun playing with his half hard pee-pee
while teasing him about his inability to get a full erection,
and still get the pleasure of his coming in my mouth.
Which I am more than happy to share right back with him!




Anonymous said...

Teasing and sharing...mmmmmmm!
Q is the best and K is the luckiest!!

k said...

Yes i am a lucky man!...And i am so blessed to have such a wonderful Wife and son who love me...