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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Swear I Wasn't Trying To Be A Bitch Yesterday!

But I will be if I choose!
And I was not bent on stroking my sadistic tendencies either.
Though I can and do when I please!

No, k had it coming to him yesterday afternoon. He deserved to be treated harshly.
He needed correcting in the worst way!
And when needed, it is my responsibility to him, to administer punishments,
and corrective discipline that in no way resembles anything that either of us considers erotic.
(Though I would be lying if I said that as a disciplinarian, I didn't get a smile on my lips, 
and some tingles of satisfaction from seeing his bottom go from white to red! And to hear his pleas, and cries, and whimpers)

k was subjected to a spanking yesterday, the likes of which he'll not soon forget!
I'll spare you the details of why. Just let it be said that besides all the kinky shit
that comes with being the sub in a Female Led Relationship, the main purpose
of the male is to serve. And to make life much more convenient for the lady.
And k's failure to follow directions yesterday resulted in a 
very frustrating, and anything but convenient day for me! 

So, to remind him that my directions are to be followed to the letter,
And to pay for disrupting my plans for the day,
my husband got a serious taste of the bath brush while stretched face down on our bed.

And as I've said before, the real punishment doesn't begin until after the
one being punished really wants it to stop! 
So I ordered him up and over my lap for one of the longest and hardest spankings
with the wooden hairbrush that I've given him in quite a while.
I tore up his backside and thighs until they were fire engine red and with white blotches on his sweet spots! Funny thing, how he loses his erection when the spanking really gets going.
And then the begging turns to howls, and then the howling turns to whining and whimpers when the  struggling stops and the tears begin, his penis somehow starts to swell again at this point! My theory is, by this time, k is re-surrendering to the inevitable helplessness of
his situation. Which triggers his deep seated emotional need to be dominated and
and disciplined. And even through the pain and humiliation of being punished like
a wayward child, his cock involuntarily responds to his situation. (it's just a theory)

And after fifteen minutes of corner time with his hands laced behind his neck,
I returned with the hairbrush for a little more scolding. Which gave him a semi-boner again!
Though he was very apologetic and his red and puffy eyes were fixed on the floor!
But I finished his punishment by ordering him to hold his "pee-pee" out of the way,
while I took the brush and spanked his balls until the skin of his ball sack was
as red and burning as his backside!

He doubled over in pain once and let go of his dick without permission only once!
Which earned him an additional five swats to his balls when I had finished.

As most of you know, Sundays are the day we normally spend engaged in Femdom "play"
And just because k has a very sore bottom, I see no reason to curtail my fun!
He should of thought of that before hand. And I will take pleasure in his suffering for
me tomorrow! Hopefully he will as well. Even though he yields to my will, whims, and wants
everyday, Sunday is always the day I try to make creative and extra special.
Tomorrow will be no different!





Robert_Anthony said...

No wonder he loves you so much.... I think.

dave94015 said...

I think you have described k's masochistic addiction to pain when he is re-surrendering to your spanking. Hopefully this is rewarding to you. If so, you two may forge a stronger bond (no pun intended)!

Anonymous said...

I think this is one occasion when you should break "the rules" and post a real photo of k. The added humiliation of his red ass out there for everyone to see would be great.

Anonymous said...

I love You. ;-)

Goddess Natasha said...

That is a great shot!