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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Damn That Man Was A Good Lay!


My new boyfriend is a fucking animal in bed!
He ate and screwed me like he might never see another pussy ever again!

He needn't worry on that account. If I have anything to do with it,
he'll be getting a close look at this pussy again real soon!

And how lucky can a girl get?
After that night of hot, sweaty, marathon sex,
to be able to come home in the early morning hours
to a loving and devoted husband. One so eager to fix a fine breakfast
for me! (I was famished!) One who didn't pester me to tell him
about my evening. Or be overly obvious about wanting to taste my well used pussy!

k was perfectly content, to kneel upon the bathroom floor, 
and masturbate while I stood there,
wrapped in a towel after my shower. And of course I teased him a little about having
to jerk-off, when another has so recently and properly fucked his wife!
And when he had shot his load on the cold tile floor, I had him light a cigarette for me,
before "making" him lick his come up off the floor.

Ahhhhhh, it's so very good to be the Queen!





Robert_Anthony said...

Must be so hard for 'k' to read this... your relationship must be so solid to be able to do this together.

Anonymous said...

I just love coming home after a night of fucking my boyfriend and have my husband there waiting to clean me out with his tongue of all his cum.