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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On My Tummy


As I browse around on my laptop, I lay comfortably across the bed on my tummy. k's whiskers tickle my naked bottom, and I can feel his breath, warm and steady where I've had him bury his nose between my ass cheeks. He's breathing in, mouth closed, slow and deep. Inhaling my essence. I feel my pussy getting wet, and I know he can smell that too! I had to make him raise his body up on his elbows and knees, because he had begun to grind his hardness against my bare foot. And tonight I want him to leave his cock alone. And I tell him so! I have him light a cigarette for me, then return his nose to my little opening. I may let him go down on me later. An orgasm or two for me sounds good tonight! But for now, I'll write for you, visit some other blogs, and continue to gently wield my control over my husband. I'm not sure what the hardest struggle for k is at this point. Simply keeping his nose against my asshole and not being allowed to lick anywhere on my body yet, or not being able to stroke himself with all that womanly scent right in his face! I don't know. But I sense his frustration growing. And that's just making me wetter! Poor guy!


Robert_Anthony said...

Lucky guy more like! Hahaha.

I very much approve of your increased participation in the blog by the way, keep it up (please).

Q said...

Since you were wise enough to include the word please, I certainly will consider your request Robert. ;)

No, really, thank you for saying so!