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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HOTWIFE CUCKOLD : "You said you could handle it..."

"I thought you said you could handle it! big pussy...I knew you weren't ready to see how your Wife reacts to a man with a real cock!...Well it's too late now...I'm gonna suck his dick till he cums in My hot little mouth!...That way when he gets around to putting this fine cock in My pussy...he'll fuck Me for hours without needing to cum again! can watch if you want...or get the fuck out...I really don't care at this point!"



Robert_Anthony said...

No, it's okay, I'll stay!!!

Q said...

Just so you both know, I read the comment k left on your post Robert! I don't know about you, but judging how talented k has become at sucking my ten inch dick, he would have little trouble pleasing this monster in the photo! That is, if someone had the mind to, "force" him to suck another man's cock! (he-he-he!!!)

Robert_Anthony said...

I'm sure you would NEVER do anything liek that, would you...


I'm so glad Mistress R only reads the bits of the blog I print for her!


At least I hope she does!