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Saturday, October 22, 2011

HOTWIFE CUCKOLD : "She moaned his name into our bedsheets..."

Her wedding ring glinted, somehow winking at me knowingly as she gripped the sheets harder. They had been going for hours - she and I were blown away by his stamina and power, pummeling her relentlessly and mercilessly from behind, the sweat dripping down his torso. She closed her eyes and moaned her lover’s name into our bedsheets as he fucked her with his glistening, glorious member. And me? I was still tied up, silently pleading for release. There is nothing more painful. There is nothing I want more.

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Q said...

This photo is so intensely erotic! As a woman, I know exactly where the babe in this is at! When a man takes us to a level, far beyond just having orgasms, where the only thing left in the world is our bodies and the cock that's took us away, it is as much spiritual as it is physical. And the kind of pleasure she's having at this particular point and time doesn't occur all the time. And not every man can make us go there! It's certainly a talented, and thoroughly complete fucking required to achieve this! I should know, I get this from one certain individual from time to time! (sorry babe!) It's a high worth chasing again and again!