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Saturday, August 13, 2011

THE CUCKOLDRESS : "How humiliated he must feel!"

She could only imagine how humiliating it must be for Her be forbidden to touch his own penis by the very same Woman who at this very moment...and right in front of him...had a mouthful of another man's cock...A cock so obviously larger, and superior to his own...A cock so capable of bringing Her far more pleasure than his penis ever could! So humiliating indeed...and yet...time after time...Her husband yielded to Her need to cuckold him...he obeyed Her wishes and never touched himself without permission...he surrendered to Her, his right to his own orgasms...all the while, willing witnessing Her abandoning Herself to the wants and needs of other men...She reached over and gently stroked Her husband's penis again...making sure he stayed hard...making sure he knew his erection was useless to either one of them as She felt Her lover's cum begin to splash against the back of Her throat....

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this WOULD be totally humiliating... !!! :)